The Mobile Maps application adapts to your business scenarios. 

REGISTRATION (CHECK-IN) on destination with location verification

When creating a route to several addresses, it is saved in a separate tab. When the employee is at the destination, he can mark the visit, as well as attach a photo. Location tracking must be enabled on the device, because the application settings indicate in advance in what maximum radius the employee must be from the point for a successful check-in. This is a kind of check that the employee has reached the right address for sure. The following functionality was implemented in this application customization:

  1. Saving created routes in a separate tab;
  2. Filter by active and closed routes;
  3. Mark (check-in) at the visited points;
  4. Employee's actual location control (indicating the radius) in order to avoid false check-ins;
  5. The ability to quickly attach a photo to the point of visit;
  6. Information about the visit is added to the object card in a separate field.

HOW does the app prove

that CHEcK-IN is valid?

The employee's device must be allowed to share location data. When employee arrives at the destination, he or she can mark a visit. At the same time, the distance from the address point at which the check-in will be recorded successfully is indicated in the application settings. If the employee is outside the specified maximum distance from the point of visit, then he or she will not be able to check-in. Upon successful registration, information about its date, time, distance of the employee's location to the point of visit appears in a separate field of the object card (Deal, Contact or Company profile card).

commercial offer creation in excel file

As part of this project, the application automatically creates a file with a list of objects selected on the map and information about them. Application functionality in this case:

  • Quick filters to search for objects on the map by various criteria (city, district, service direction, contractor, specialization, etc.);
  • Selecting points on the map and creating a list of selected objects;
  • Creating of a commercial offer file according to a template with a list of selected objects and information about them, which is pulled from the object card;
  • Import of a .kml file for viewing points in Google maps by any user.
It's a popular and useful solution for real estate agencies, advertising agencies, etc.

Map for analyzing a company on the market

In addition to displaying all customers, the following indicators are also reflected and calculated on the map:

  • market share of the company;
  • market share of competitors or similar companies;
  • density of presence by region and city;
  • and other territory characteristics.
With the help of such a map, the client was able to assess the current market situation for the company, determine the potential for opening new points, think over their locations based on the location of customers, and also consider expanding presence in the regions.

Monitoring and planning the workschedule
of offsite workers

Special settings for distributing orders between offsite workers, taking into account their openings in schedule during working hours and the location of orders. Application functionality in the case:

  • Assigning employees to a specific region;
  • Checking the schedule of an employee at the trip time;
  • "Reservation" of an employee and creation of a task (order) indicating the point of departure on the map.
Orders are distributed on the map. The work of employees who receive and distribute orders between field specialists becomes fast and optimized.

Areas of business for which the application is suitable:
  • Windows, doors installation;
  • Cleaning services;
  • Air conditioners, heating, ventilation;
  • Information Technology;
  • Alarm systems;
  • Furniture;
  • Flowers;
  • Any delivery


This is a standard scenario for using maps, which at the same time we adapt for specific business areas. So, for example, the following functionality was implemented for our client:

  • Displaying current customers on the map;
  • Displaying potential customers on the map;
  • Planning visits to clients for managers (planning a route, creating a task, booking cars and tracking time);
  • Filter of objects (customers) that have passed to the post-service stage.

More Examples of MAPS MOBILE usage

Service Map in Bitrix24

Displaying advertising platforms (objects) and advertisers on the map in CRM of advertising agency and automatically sending a commercial offer

Business trips planning, service visits

Route building, Navigator to the client directly from CRM. Solution for Bitrix24 for scheduling appointments and meetings, courier delivery, outings for measurements, etc.

Partners, dealers, clients in the map in CRM

Visualization of contractors on the map with the functions of planning trips and routes, as well as the appointment of responsible managers for specific regions.

How to get a free subscription to this app?

adapting and CUSTOMIZing APPLICATION FOR YOUR company

Each application is a flexible solution that can be used both in its standard functionality and by adapting it to your business purposes.

We offer our application optimization services in terms of the requirements, goals and tasks of your company.


✓ Adapting of any formula to make any calculations directly in Bitrix24; 

✓ Setting fields and adding data fields; 

Creating the necessary stages or business process that works on the base of the application; 

✓ Language and country (geographical) adaptation; 

Integration with other systems; 

Customizing application design; 

Any changes in the application logic and much more.

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