Bitrix24 - how to choose license?

Why Bitrix24 On-Premise is more beneficial
than Cloud?

There are several cases when On-premise Bitrix24 editions have to be used instead of cloud - when law requires that data has to be stored in a specific location, when you need source code access, when you need Bitrix24 tools that aren't available in Cloud or when you don't want to use cloud services due to internal policies. 

Feature-wise, the On-premise version includes more tools and modules compared to the Cloud version.

difference between versions:

1. Pricing & Licensing

Bitrix24 Cloud and On-premise versions are priced and licensed using different models, hence each product version is associated with different costs. Please find the short overview of core license differences between the Cloud and On-premise versions:

  • "Pay-as-you-go" subscription options 
  • Bitrix24 Cloud is SaaS (software as a service), licensed on a subscription basis 
  • Free plan with unlimited number of users is available
  • Subscription license
  • Subscription license for 12 months with mandatory renewal
  • Licenses are available for packages of 50-100-250-500 users, as well as an extension for the Enterprise license for every 1000 users

2. Security & Safety

Unlike the Cloud version, Bitrix24 On-premise can be hosted on a remote web server of your choice or deployed on a local network (even with no or limited access to the Internet). There are 2 options:

  • CHOOSE HOSTING PROVIDER ( offers free hosting for its Bitrix24 Clients)

  • Accessible only through
  • Proactive filter WAF (Web Application Firewall) 
  • Several independent data centers providing 24/7 online service availability

  • Security measures and access procedures can be adjusted manually 
  • Proactive filter WAF (Web Application Firewall) 
  • -
  • Built-in security tools with a full access at the back-end of your product copy 

3. Installation & migration

If you need a higher level of customization, corporate branding or integration with other enterprise software, your Bitrix24 Account can be migrated from the Cloud to your On-premise server and deployed using the Bitrix24 On-premise license. Backing-up your Cloud project and migrating it to the On-premise version is free of charge and can be performed only once for 1 Cloud account/1 commercial license key of On-premise version.

Important: you should specify the date when we should initiate the data backup procedure. The process of backing-up your Cloud files and elements may take 1-5 days, no changes made during these 1-5 days will be included in your Cloud account backup.

  • Quick start, no installation or ongoing maintenance

  • Instant web browser or mobile app access 

  • Online storage space limit is set according to the subscription option
  • Automatic daily back-ups for Cloud accounts 
  •  Back-up restore procedure (available only with a commercial subscription)
  • -
  • Installation and deployment on a web server of your choice
  • Requires corresponding hardware and software infrastructure
  • Unlimited disk storage space (depends on your hosting provider's capacity and plans) 
  • Manually scheduled backups
  • Cloud storage option for backups

  • Built-in back-up / restore tools 


We will take care of all the technical issues so that you can start working quickly, without software issues and data loss.

professional Data migration

This is a turnkey solution that includes the package of services required to make a professional transition from Cloud to On-premise.

4. Special bonus offer from

Bonuses for both versions:

  • Bitrix24 functionality training for your Team
  • Consulting and recommendations using Bitrix24 tools for your Company
  • Bitrix24 Q&A sessions in the chat or by e-mail
  • All our BITRIX24 applications are free for the Bitrix24 purchased subscription period
  • Free Sales process funnel setup in CRM
  • 10% discount on implementation working hours rate

Extra On-premise bonuses:

  • Free hosting for 1 year;
  • Free professional installation of Bitrix24 on the server;
  • Free installation of portal updates throughout year;
  • Free migration from the Bitrix24 Cloud to your server;
  • Free chat renaming module

Frequently Asked Questions


According to the statistics, the payback period for the On-premise version of Bitrix24 is 2-3 years.


We often receive requests from companies that tried to independently transfer the Cloud to the On-Premise, but the move was unsuccessful and there were difficulties and errors.

Therefore, we advise you to entrust all these delicate migration work as well as configuring and launching the On-Premise version to our specialists.

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