Modern. Complex. Dynamic. 

TEAM DevStack

Сomplex and dynamic nature of modern software production allows to select the right combination of tools and techniques to perform software development. Our Team posses the combination of multiple technology services used in the creation of the data ecosystem that helps to build and run intelligent solutions for our Clients. 

The Dev Team uses Go for its concurrent and efficient programming features, creating backend services in client projects. Kubernetes is used for container orchestration, scaling and management of microservices. Docker is integrated into the workflow for consistent development and deployment across diverse environments.

PHP serves as the backbone for web development, allowing the team to build dynamic and interactive client applications. PostgreSQL is utilized for data storage and retrieval, providing a reliable and scalable solution for managing relational databases

ArangoDB serves as a multi-model database solution, offering flexibility in handling various data models

RabbitMQ is integrated for message queuing, ensuring efficient communication between different components, while Redis enhances performance through caching, delivering responsive and scalable client projects.

The Dev Team adopts gRPC to design and implement high-performance APIs, facilitating seamless communication between services in client projects. Python is utilized for diverse purposes, from scripting to backend development, ensuring versatility and speed in project implementation. 

Vue.js, combined with AMQP for asynchronous communication, enhances the user experience with dynamic and responsive interfaces in client applications.

WHMCS project development and software maintenance.

System and software maintenance

Team conducts regular audits and performance checks to ensure optimal functionality and security. We proactively address any potential issues or vulnerabilities, implementing patches and updates to maintain system integrity and reliability.

Software development tasks

With expertise in WHMCS customization and module development our team efficiently delivers high-quality solutions. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their requirements and prioritize features accordingly.

Technical support service

Our team offers responsive and knowledgeable assistance to address any queries or issues promptly. We leverage our deep understanding of WHMCS architecture and functionality to troubleshoot and provide solutions to clients' needs. 

Software deployment

We plan deployment taking into account compatibility, scalability and minimal disruption to operations. With automated deployment and testing protocols, we perform deployment, reducing errors and minimizing downtime.

When developing solutions for WHMCS, our Team extensively integrates its API and utilize PHP for module development. Docker ensures consistent development environments. We utilize PHP with Laravel for web development and MySQL for database management. 


By concluding the strategic partnership with cloud industry leaders we ensure our clients have access to more effective and professional expertise. This partnership empowers our team with deep insights, providing your business with a distinct advantage in the dynamic and evolving cloud landscape. 


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