Customer/partner area, adapted to the visual identity of your company

Customer profile

Customer support and communication

News and notifications
for the client

Accepting and issuing invoices

Generating reports
for accounting

Generating documents and contracts

Conducting clients (partners) operations 

client's story:

Client: The company that provides legal support to its clients.

Implementation tasksOrganizing a working space for the client and his interaction with contractors in order to:

  • Issuing offers/proforma by partners.
  • Introduction of customer cost accounts for recording.
  • Self-creation of a Proforma through a customer account for your own recipients. Possibility to automatically send the created invoice.
  • An accessible and quick way to notify partners and provide them with information about news, important changes, etc. Direct chat with an assigned manager for quick operational communication.
  • Creating transparent reporting for both partners.
  • Keeping cash reports.
  • Creation of contracts and other documents necessary for the operation of clients (personal account users)
as well as the task of increasing the number of users of the Bitrix24 portal without increasing the subscription plan.


personal area

Using the access data, the Customer enters his personal account, which is located on the company's subdomain.

The personal area fully corresponds to the corporate corporate style of the company, with an interface that is simple and intuitively understandable, adapted for use on mobile devices. Inside the personal account, all the necessary elements are available for convenient interaction between the client and the manager on business issues.


The homepage has a main block where the latest news, important customer notifications and other information are displayed.

The employee posts ads in a special group on the Bitrix24 portal and they are automatically displayed in the client's personal account.


Incoming invoices (expenses) in this case are those invoices that the client receives from third parties for certain services (these invoices are issued to the business incubator).

On the tab with incoming invoices, the client can create, edit and download the invoices issued for him. There is a quick search and filtering by previously generated incoming invoices, as well as a special page with a preview of basic information from previously entered documents.

All the standard account fields are available to fill in:

  • Dates;
  • Type and Counterparty information;
  • Payment status, invoice currency and language, due date and payment method;
  • Products or services for which the invoice is issued, etc.
It automatically calculates the net/gross value of the invoice in the required currency as required by law and, once saved, submits it to the accountant for approval.

If necessary, the customer can generate "Correction Notes" on its own to make the accountant's corrections to the previously agreed invoice.


Outgoing accounts in this context are bills created by a partener on his behalf and issued to third parties for goods or services. For this purpose, the customer uses special subaccounts in the required currency.

The customer has the ability to create, modify and upload bills on his own, as well as send them directly to the ordering party. Quick search and filter functions for previously generated bills are provided, as well as a special page with a preview of basic information on outgoing bills.

There is also a function to automatically send the generated bill to the customer.


Administrators (managers) can assign a list of invoice templates available for use.


The personal account user can choose in which currency to generate the document - zloty, dollar or euro.

The personal account interface is available in Polish and English.


In the "Reports" section, the customer (partner) is provided with the ability to get a complete picture of account balances, payments and other financial information by applying various filters to display the necessary data.

This makes it possible, for example, to get a report on specific products or services over a certain period of time, or to sort all payments made via the "Transfer" method.


The user of a personal account has the ability to generate an agreement from templates. You can download this document directly through the Contracts tab. 

On the basis of the contract and the entered data (rates, amount and others) after deduction of taxes and taking into account expenses, an "Account" file is generated, on the basis of which the payment of wages is made.



Any document created or edited by the customer in the personal panel is processed in Bitrix24 as an "Offer" or "SPA" (at the customer's request and according to the capabilities of his tariff). 

All entered products or services are stored in the products section, and newly added companies or contacts are stored in the corresponding CRM units. We respect privacy, so the user of the personal panel will be able to work only with products and contractors that he/she has added independently.


For fast and convenient dissemination of important messages and notifications to customers in their private accounts, we have used the functions of messages in workgroups.

With the publications in the group stream, they are immediately displayed on the main page of the Customer Panel.


Automatic transfer of values from customer-filled fields during document creation to invoice and contract templates ensures fast and convenient generation of documents, available for download.

In addition, when processing documents, they automatically go to the appropriate processing stage (funnel) in CRM Bitrix24, depending on the status of the document.


In CRM Bitrix24, the personal account is presented in the form of a dashboard, where employees can be assigned roles and accesses.

Through the application, managers can add new clients, generate passwords and create reports for the entire pool of assigned clients.

The app also includes a "Settings" section, where users can easily and intuitively assign the appropriate fields to link to their personal account, select the templates that will be automatically used, and specify tax rates. 

In other words, the app can be used for any type of client business.


More users of your Bitrix24 portal under the same license terms (this is not an Extranet, but access to essential portal functionality!)

Convenient and easy to understand personal account for the customer

Full synchronization between the customer account and the internal work of managers in Bitrix24

Fast document creation and organized storage

Increase contractor loyalty to the company

Reduce time spent on communication and reconciliation, simplify processes and increase work efficiency.

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