Automatic document creations from templates

Storing customer data on meeting

Fast order processing

bitrix24 case study

A company that provides investment services, therefore the main products of the company are contracts of various types.

Our client formalizes the relationship between his client and his investor.

The process itself can be described as follows: 

  • After the customer's request, our client prepares a certain list of documents. 
  • Often, to obtain this documents package, the customer turns to his contractors or other related companies or government organizations, which send the necessary documents. 
  • In parallel, our client holds several meetings with the customer to agree on actions, signatures, consultation, and understanding the status of the process. 
  • After collecting all the documents and transferring them to the necessary authorities, our client remains in consultation with his client to make corrections and resolve issues that arise during the campaign.

What processess need to be optimized?

  • There is no control over the Deal stage (order processing), the status of communication with the client
  • Each stage of a complex process is moved manually, which is not always controlled, which means that the manager can skip (forget) an important stage of order processing. It violates the integrity and "smoothness" of the process
  • It takes a lot of time to enter information into Bitrix24, whether it is drafting a document, comments, client or project data, or generating tasks.
  • There is only partial automation of document creation - some fields have to be filled in manually.
  • There is no single template for storing information on the results of meetings
  • Some data is filled in and stored in Excel, and not in the main system for work - Bitrix24. This is inconvenient and ineffective.


Automate lead generation

Automate sales of a complex product with a multi-component structure

Automate the creation of various documents

Automate the tasks creation by templates


Entering data about a complex product with many characteristics takes less than 7 seconds - just add the name of the service and all other fields (more than 12) will be filled in to the profile automatically

A complex algorithm of actions supports the coordinated work of the manager, eliminating the skipping of stages and other errors - tasks with time control are automatically created, notifications, reminders are generated, tied to the real dates for the project

The document generation process is fully automated - the document template fields are filled in without the participation of a manager

All data about meetings is stored in Bitrix24, there is quick access to them from the Contact, Company, Deal Profiles

bitrix24 case study

how it works now?



The project manager selects the type of service in Lead or Deal, which automatically pulls all the necessary information about it into the Card Profile - in our case, a list of documents and other characteristics. 

This action starts new processes:

1) A task is set with data from a CRM profile card (the task "Preparing documents" with a checklist of the necessary docs)

2) The Business Process and other automatic actions are launched depending on the contents of the field (for example, the “Create Documents” business process or the reminder “Check the order with the client”). 

It is also convenient if different companies or specific persons are responsible for the sale of a product or service - depending on the contractor, different processes will be launched, different types or templates of documents will be created.


To meet the deadlines, Bitrix24 has robots that control deadlines and remind employees of the necessary actions. So, for example, after creating the task "Prepare documents", the manager must complete it within 2 days. At the same time, he will receive notifications when the deadline is approaching or delayed.

Also, at the stage when the documents have already been transferred to the investor for making a decision on financing, the project goes into a “pause” until the deadline for receiving a response. On the eve of this date, the manager receives a notification “It's time to pick up the documents”.

Managers don't need to
enter information

Automated reminders
for managers
are set to specific dates

One-by-one automatic creation of tasks from templates helps employees work faster and systematically

History of business meetings in Bitrix24

In the standard Bitrix24 functionality, meetings can only be scheduled. We have added the ability to save all the details of meetings, always have their history at hand. 

1) A separate tab was created in the Company card "List of meetings" 
2) With the help of the “List” tool, each meeting was recorded in history.
3) At the same time, for each meeting, certain data was automatically collected from the Deal in custom fields. But they can also be added manually.


In our case, contracts for services were automatically generated on the client's portal according to the following scenarios: 

  • upon moving to a certain stage of the Deal
  • when filling in the certain "pass-through" fields
  • depending on the chosen Company, Counterparty. 

So, for example, when moving to the “Signing a contract” stage, a document is created, using customer data, requisites, product information from the fields. And after filling in the special field “Documents package”, where you need to attach the file, another agreement is created. Its template depends on a company indicated by the partner in this Deal.


At the last stage of a Deal, the number of days between the date of the meeting with the client and the signing of contracts is considered. This information is reflected in a special field of Reports, and is also entered into the Deal Profile. 

Also, if the customer's client needs further cooperation and implementation of his project, then the Deal is copied into the “Implementation” funnel and goes through new stages.

As a result, we got the following automation scheme:

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